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Meerapfel Meir Churchill 7x47

Meerapfel Meir Churchill 7x47

Meerapfel Meir
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"The Meerapfels have been working with tobacco for hundreds of years, dating back to the 1600s. They were tobacco growers in Germany, and in 1876 they began making cigars in a town called Untergrombac, northeast of Stuttgart and not far from the border of France. The family rolled cigars there by hand for roughly 150 years, a story that ended abruptly during World War II. 

'During the war, the factory was destroyed, and the Meerapfel cigar disappeared,' says Jeremiah Meerapfel. The cigars being launched today mark a return to the Meerapfels olden days. 'This is the moment that we can dig into our past,' says Meerapfel, 'and resurface a tradition that’s very, very important to us.'"

The Meir is named after the ancestor who founded the Merrapfel factory in Untergrombac.

Available in boxes of 25.