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Davidoff Year of the Dragon 2024 7.5x50
Davidoff Year of the Dragon 2024 7.5x50

Davidoff Year of the Dragon 2024 7.5x50

Davidoff Chinese Zodiac
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COO: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Ecuador

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Mexico

The magical smoke which has spiraled through countless stories curls upwards from the cigar of the aficionado who is the noble, powerful Dragon. A born leader.

Their knowledge and presence inspire others to follow and follow willingly. From their mouths comes not only fire but eloquence. A Dragon speaks passionately and persuasively. Their strong sense of ambition gives them wings to fly towards their dreams. However, sometimes their prowess can make them over-confident and their tempers can be quick to ignite. But their charisma will always soothe any troubled waters and capture hearts. For the Dragon has the aura of the mythical. Everywhere they go, they are accompanied by mystery and good fortune. Luck, as well as endless energy, helps them achieve their goals. Success gained, what better way for the Dragon to celebrate, than with these equally legendary Limited Edition Davidoff Year of the Dragon cigars?

Imposingly double corona in format, their scale is worthy of the largest character in the entire zodiac. Flavours of fittingly flame- roasted nuts, honey and dark chocolate, woven and blended with the imagination of another world. And dramatically lit by the Dragon’s fire.

The first inch of the cigar remains without the wrapper. This exemplifies the Master Blenders’ high level of craftsmanship, as an uncut foot requires utmost precision in not only rolling but also blending. Despite the absence of the wrapper the foot is very enjoyable – a challenge which is difficult to master.

The blend consists of 8 tobaccos of a total combined age of 60 years. In 2024, this number will match the age of a person born in 1964, which is also a Year of the Dragon. This year’s edition comes in a handsome box of ten cigars. The top surface of the box shows a captivating iridescent varnished dragon skin pattern all over. The powerful Year of the Dragon icon in the center holds a pearl, which in Chinese culture symbolizes wisdom, prosperity and fortune. A wooden tray inside the box reveals two cigar sections that are divided by a silky red ribbon inspired by the Dragon’s tongue.

Limited to 5,160 boxes in the United States.