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Davidoff Monolith Humidor
Davidoff Monolith Humidor
Davidoff Monolith Humidor

Davidoff Monolith Humidor

Davidoff Humidor
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We invite you to pre-order one of the most incredible humidors we have seen in our 2 decades of business in the cigar industry.


Just like fine wine, premium cigars need to be stored in the right environment in order to emerge matured and improved. It was Zino Davidoff who first invested time in researching and developing optimum ways for storing the finest quality cigars.

Davidoff’s innovation in the craftsmanship and the expert knowledge of humidor functionality has been reating a big array of possibilities for humidor design from the beginning until today. The launch of the Davidoff Urban Architecture humidor in 2021 already saw a somewhat unusual material combination of wood and glass.
In 2024, Davidoff takes material innovation one step further. The Davidoff Monolith Humidor, carved from stone, is designed to last for generations. It represents the latest innovation in cigar humidification and lifestyle accessories. Its name speaks for itself – an influential force carved from single stone inspired by ancient Greek Mono (one) + lithos (stone).


Moca Cream is a beige, beautiful natural limestone, very appreciated for its aesthetic characteristics and technical features, as well as for its versatility. In fact, Moca Cream can be used for a large variety of projects like staircases, floorings, tops for bathrooms and modern kitchens, facings and fireplaces, columns and decorative objects. Moca Cream limestone is a porous natural stone with a medium fine grain and a neutral color which may vary from cream to beige, depending on the province of the respective block. This makes it very suitable for interior design projects. Some humidors may contain pieces of shells, or in some parts, the initial stages of crystallisation of the stone can be observed. This gives those humidors a unique touch and once again reminds consumers that nature's hands helped forming this accessory.


Mahogany is an exotic wood prized for its durability, workability, and elegant look. It has a pink or reddish-brown hue that deepens over time. The grain is straight and uniform, typically with relatively few knots or blemishes.

• The innovative Davidoff Monolith Humidor enriches the lifestyle of aficionados as a modern design statement.
• Carved from stone quarried from Portugal, refined with wooden elements.
• Shaped, polished, and finished by craftsmen in an Italian atelier which was established over 100 years ago.
• Equipped with a Davidoff Slim Regulator guaranteeing stable humidification between 70% and 72% relative humidity.
• The characteristics of the stone promise odorless storage of the cigars.
• A recess under the lid for easy opening and closing.
• Innovative and specially developed dampers ensure a smooth closing.
• Dividers and compartments inside for convenient cigars and accessories arrangement.
• Developed and designed exclusively for Davidoff.
• Lifetime structural warranty.
• Capacity | up to 120 toro cigars
• Dimensions | 512 x 366 x 145 mm
• Weight | 22 kg, 28 kg with transportation box
• 2x3 strong magnets are carefully incorporated on both sides of the lid and ensure that the Davidoff De Luxe Regulators are securely held in place.
• Specially developed hinges for the weight of the stone. Opening angle of over 90 degrees.

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