BUY 20 CIGARS, GET 10% OFF. (except Davidoff, Liga Privada, Meerapfel, Opus, & Supreme Leaf. Discount applied at checkout)

May is AVO Hi-Fi Experience Month at Habana Port


We are offering a cool promotion this month (while supplies last). When you buy any 20 AVOs, you will receive a complimentary enamel single cigar ashtray and a blue ostrich leather dual cigar case both branded with the AVO monogram as well as 10% off your order.

So what is AVO about? In the 1980s, famed composer and jazz musician Avo Uvezian (who wrote the famous crooner song Strangers in the Night, although there's debate about that) partnered with then-Davidoff's factory owner Henke Kelner to make a personal cigar. Avo started promoting this cigar in the US and from then on he began to create additional blends. Famous lines like the Classic, XO, and Heritage are staples in most humidors as well as new-classics like the Syncro and Ritmo series. 

Many shops market AVO as a more price-friendly Davidoff and although both brands share the same genetics, each displays different profiles and marketed separately.

If you buy 40 singles, you will also be invited to a relaxing private session on May 16, 2023, 6pm in our Baton Rouge location. A DJ will be flown in and play tracks composed for this Hi-Fi Experience in our new Lighthouse Lounge. You will receive a customized invitation by email.

So try out AVO today and experience this legendary Dominican-origin brand.

Yours in tobacco & cedar spills,

Habana Port Staff